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Why Italtech?

    Siena Italtech is rooted in the long experience of the Università per Stranieri di Siena in the field of teaching world languages and cultures, together with Italian L2.

  • From its own academic origins, Siena Italtech has taken specific competencies to offer itself on the market as a highly specialised firm in the linguistic sector: from applicable language research to linguistic-communicative assessment of Italian L2 and English.

    It has blended its research background with an approach to the contemporary world and the repercussions of the role of languages, especially for business: from language courses for companies to specialised translations to localisation of communicative strategies for international markets

    With its linguistic and communicative competencies, Siena Italtech is able to offer individuals, firms, and institutions the opportunity to linguistically and culturally access the globalised world in a competitive manner.