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Our services

    The mission di SIENA ITALTECH is to plan and implement actions and products for the linguistic development of all subjects operating in:

    • the market of languages and the field of publishing
    • promotion of Italian language and culture
    • internationalisation of firms
    • internationalisation of institutions

    • Services for the processes of assessment of linguistic and communicative competencies
    • Testing Centre for Cambridge certification exams
    • Intercultural mediation, translation, interpreting
    • Planning and implementation of services and tools in the field of Italian, foreign and immigrant languages


    • Teaching Italian L2 and modern languages with customizable lessons for individuals and groups
    • Preparation centre for Cambridge certification exams
    • Production of teaching materials for learning Italian and other languages
    • Design of materials for distance teaching/learning, drawing upon innovative technologies and models of social work
    • Creation of materials for assessment of oral competencies


    • Localisation of websites and web communication for international markets
    • Product placement in international markets
    • Market analysis under the linguistic-cultural profile
    • Services of shared mediator in business and commercial fields
    • Accompaniment on commercial missions with personnel specialised in specific languages and cultures
    • Translation, interpreting, mediation including rare languages
    • Language training for firms, customizable for individuals, small groups and specific sector
    • Design of teaching materials for language instruction in the field of economics and finance


    • Services for planning in response to public tenders related to the fields of language and culture and the field of internationalisation of firms and institutions
    • Design and development of materials and support frameworks for the cultural and publishing industries
    • Design and development materials and support frameworks for the spread of plurilingualism
    • Services for conferences/conventions and organization of cultural activities

    SIENA-ITALTECH has carried out activities of research and development in the field of language, in continuity with the scientific research of the Università per Stranieri di Siena, in these areas:

    • Plurilingualism
    • Assessment of linguistic-communicative competencies
    • Teaching/learning of languages
    • Technologies for language learning
    • Accessibility and linguistic competencies
    • Processes of internationalisation and linguistic competencies
    • Databases, portali, information networks in the field of language

    SIENA-ITALTECH wants to show that a cultural industry of Italian language is possible: it is possible and necessary to sustain the processes of internationalisation of our country in the cultural, social, economic-productive competition of a globalized world