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Cambridge Preparation

    Siena Italtech is a preparation centre and testing centre for Cambridge certification exams.

  • Cambridge Authorised CentreAs an authorized and accredited Cambridge Centre in Tuscany, we make available our experience and our competence at a full 360 degrees, to ensure that our candidates successfully face the Cambridge exam for the chosen certification.

    Cambridge Certification Exams

    We make available Cambridge certification exams for both general English and for specific fields, such as Business English (BEC), also with special regard for young learners from age seven and up. 
    We administer the following Cambridge exams:

    • KET (Key English Test), corresponding to the A2 level of the QCER;
    • KET (Key English Test) for Schools, corresponding to the A2 level of the QCER;
    • PET (Preliminary English Test), B1 level;
    • PET (Preliminary English Test) for Schools, B1 level;
    • FCE (First Certificate in English), B2 level;
    • FCE (First Certificate in English) for Schools, B2 level;
    • CAE (Cambridge Advanced English), C1 level;
    • CPE (Cambridge Proficiency in English), C2 level;
    • BEC (Business English), articulated in Preliminary (B1), Vantage (B2) and Higher (C1);
    • YLE (Young Learners), structured in three tests: Starters, Movers and Flyers, for children attending elementary or middle school.

    Since these Cambridge exams are officially recognised by the Ministry of Public Education, our target participants are above all high school students in need of a specific linguistic preparation applicable in formative credits for graduation or for a certification valid for the university chosen in Italy or abroad, along with university students wishing to obtain a certification for purposes of study abroad and beyond.

    Together with our young students, there are those adult workers who desire to strengthen their professional CV for increased opportunity, and those private students motivated to study English for personal interest or for tourism. Furthermore, we offer certification exams for school-age children to introduce them to the world of certifications and sustain their motivation for studying English from an early age.
    To find out the date of Cambridge exams and for further information on costs and testing formats you can contact us by email at: esamicambridge@sienaitaltech.itor by phone at +39 0577 240 119

    Exam preparation courses on request

    On request, we activate preparatory courses for Cambridge exams, held by native or bilingual instructors who are continually updated, with degrees and qualifications for teaching English as a Foreign Language.
    Preparatory courses for Cambridge exams are customized for individuals and groups and are organized and geared towards the level of linguistic competency requested to reach our objective: to guarantee a ready and valid response to the candidate’s expectations and needs in learning, in such a way that the preparatory course is a real help in obtaining certification.
    In synergy with our team of instructors, we are available for determining the duration of lessons according to student needs: we offer the possibility to do mock exams to practice and become more familiar with Cambridge procedures. On request, we guarantee specific, thorough support in one or more linguistic abilities, to help candidates overcome their gaps in knowledge and to feel equally prepared in listening, writing, speaking and reading. We take care to select and insure that our collaborators are professional, competent, and qualified, able to motivate the candidate, stimulate abilities, and assess progress, all within a welcoming, well-organised setting conducive to working serenely and productively.
    For further information on the duration, costs, and specific contents of preparatory courses for Cambridge exams it is possible to contact us by email at: esamicambridge@sienaitaltech.itor by phone at +39 0577 240 119.

    For any further information it is possibile to email us at: or contact directly the Manager of Cambridge Exams for the Centre (CEM – Centre Exams Manager) of Siena Italtech, Dr. Francesca Gallina (

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