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Product placement in international markets

    Siena Italtech offers individuals and firms the service of product placement in international markets

  • Launching a product or service in markets whose language and culture are distant from that of the firm may require an adaptation both of communicative strategies and of the product itself: Sending a product to China in a white box may have negative consequences for inserting the item into the local market due to the symbolic value of the colour white in that culture, where it indicates mourning.
    Localising a product is an indispensable strategy for commerce in the furthest international markets, adapting the message to the most relevant linguistic and cultural aspects of a market and its culture.

    Thanks to our competencies and knowledge, Siena Italtech can customize a product to best place it in a specific market, starting from a linguistic and cultural analysis of the target market and target customer.

    Together with a market analysis from the point of view of language and culture, Siena Italtech localises your product by adapting it to the cultural specificities of each country, presenting the product in such a way as to render it attractive for a certain cultural target and selecting the communicative and marketing strategies most suitable for product placement.

    Our team of experts offers the possibility to implement strategies of product placement in the Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and North American markets, and by request, other markets such as Vietnam and Turkey.
    For more information, please email us at or phone us at +39 0577 240 119.